What is Composition?

Composition is the bane of my existence when it comes to photography. It's the one thing I struggle over and over when taking pictures. I've mentioned this before over and over that I'm not an artistic person at all, and I struggle with composition constantly. Having said that, it doesn't mean I … [Read more...]

Food Bloggers Love Affair with Food Porn Sites

Is it love or is it hate? I think it's a little bit of both. We love them when our pictures get accepted and we hate them when our pictures get rejected. They can be your best friend or they can be your enemy. Or at least it feels that way. I've been holding off a bit to write about this … [Read more...]

Photography Basics II

I am not a photographer. Nor do I pretend to be one. Before my food blog I hardly ever took any pictures. But with food blogging I realized that the two go hand in hand. I need to take pictures of my food, because when I buy a cookbook myself I look inside to see if there are pictures and if … [Read more...]

Photography Basics

One of the biggest learning experiences I've had through this journey, is learning about photography. I had never before thought twice about how pictures turned out, or about lighting and composition. When I first started my blog I didn't even think about photography and you can probably still find … [Read more...]