Pinterest – The King of All Social Media

Pinterest has probably been a God-send to a lot of bloggers. Earlier in the beginning of the year I didn’t even know what Pinterest was. I had heard of it, but I didn’t get it. And then something happened. Something that probably has happened to a lot of food bloggers. I had a recipe, sex in a pan, go viral. Pinterest can majorly increase traffic to your blog, especially if one of your posts goes viral. What this means is that certain pages of your blog become extremely popular in a very short amount of time. This happened in March, 2012.

I remember that week, excitement and panic at the same time.  I was getting thousands and thousands of people a day looking at this recipe and my web site was crashing every few hours. That was a good test for me, because I learned that it was time to move to VPS servicer so that my blog could handle all the traffic. At the same time I could not understand why there was so much attraction to this recipe, of course now I know it’s because of the name of the recipe and because simply put, it’s a delicious dessert. For those who are probably wondering I did not make the name up, that is the actual name of the recipe as I knew it.

Before you do anything you should create your pinterest profile and create some boards. Pin images from your food blog and other blogs to your boards and watch people start following you. It won’t happen over night, but in a few months you’ll have a good following of loyal pinners.

Anyway my point is that pinterest can turn your modest blog into a star. To show you what I mean, here are my top 10 referrals to for the month of October.

As you can see Pinterest is the number 1 referral. There have been months where that number of visits from Pinterest was even higher, over 100,000 visits. And yes, those are visits, not pageviews, the number of pageviews is even higher.

So how does this happen? How do you make a post go viral?

Well it’s simple really! You have to write good content, viral worthy content. You have to write something original, something with a great image that can be pinned. I know some of you may not want your images to be pinned and I totally understand that, it is your content and you may do whatever you want with it. If you are one of these people, I will cover this later, on how to make your content not be pinnable.

Write a catchy headline for your images, like sex in a pan, bang bang chicken, something fun, something that will make people want to click on that image and repin it.

Pin beautiful images and you’ll get lots of followers, don’t pin the ugly. People like beautiful pictures of food, pictures that make them hungry, pictures that motivate them to make that recipe.

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