Hosting … What is it?

What exactly is web hosting? It’s simple, really. Think about it, you have a blog or website, that blog needs to physically exist somewhere. Blogs and websites occupy space on servers, but it’s not enough to just store your blog on a server, you need to be able to make your blog accessible on the internet, so that others can reach your blog.

So how do you do this? Thankfully, there are many companies out there that provide web hosting services. Here are two web hosting companies that I strongly recommend.


Dreamhost has provided our hosting for many years now, for all our websites, and have proven reliable and have a very reasonable price tag. The services provided are easy to use and they have many one click installs. They have unlimited storage and unlimited features for a very reasonable price. They also have one of the best and easiest to use control panels. My favorite thing for hosting with them is that with the same account and for the same price you can host unlimited domains. Dreamhost also offers VPS (Virtual Private Server). VPS is great for when your website becomes popular and you get a lot of traffic. Dreamhost allows you to change from the shared server to VPS. For those who are considering Bluehost, just so you know they do not offer VPS services, you would actually have move to another hosting company which is a big hassle. Dreamhost’s VPS services start at $15 a month.


Bluehost is another very popular web hosting solution. Their prices start as low as $6.95 per month which is very affordable. They also provide unlimited space, unlimited domains, and domain transfers. Basically this means that for $6.95 you could host 100 blogs if you chose to. The only drawback I see to bluehost is if your blog becomes very popular, resulting in a lot of traffic, you cannot transfer to VPS with bluehost, you would have to find other solutions, such as Mediatemple.

So what is Mediatemple? Well simply put, it’s just another web hosting company that allows you to set up a Virtual Private Server, for when your blog becomes popular and brings in a lot of traffic. I would suggest moving to a VPS once you have over 3000 pageviews per day. Mediatemple allows you to feel secure that your blog can handle the traffic it gets.

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