How to Start a Food Blog – a three-easy-step guide

How to Start a Food Blog - a three-easy-step guide to help you start your food blog. Learn how to register your domain, signup with Bluehost and install wordpress. All in three easy steps! If you're reading this, you've probably decided that it's time for you to start a food blog. You love to … [Read more...]

Adding Google Analytics to Your Blog

Here I talked about the importance of using a tool such as Google Analytics. If you don't have an analytics tool, how would you ever know how your blog is performing. So if you don't care about your blog's performance that's fine, some people just do it as a hobby and they do it for themselves. But … [Read more...]

Photography Basics

One of the biggest learning experiences I've had through this journey, is learning about photography. I had never before thought twice about how pictures turned out, or about lighting and composition. When I first started my blog I didn't even think about photography and you can probably still find … [Read more...]

I’m ready to start my blog, now what?

In order to start your own blog, you will need hosting and software to help you create your blog. There are many ways you can start your own food blog. If you cannot afford to spend any money on your blog, the best way to start it, is by using a free blog publishing service such as … [Read more...]

Before Starting Your Food Blog

Before you invest in hosting or hire someone to create your blog, there are some things you should consider. There are probably about 15,000 food blogs out there, if not more.  It is fairly easy to get started with a food blog, but a lot of people start it and abandon it. You should get a rough … [Read more...]

Welcome To Tips for Food Bloggers

Have you ever wanted to start your own food blog? Do you have tons of recipes that you'd like to share with others? Do you love to cook and take beautiful pictures of your food? Well perhaps food blogging is for you. I won't lie to you and tell you it's easy, and there's no work required. Food … [Read more...]