10 Simple Ways To Build Traffic To Your Blog

Once you have a blog and you have a few posts on it, you’re going to want to bring lots of traffic to it. This is probably the biggest challenge any blogger will have. You could have the best looking blog out there, with the most gorgeous food pictures, but if it has no traffic, it might discourage you from continuing on.

Blog traffic is not built over night. It could take months or even years. My first year of blogging I did not get a lot of traffic, I did get some, but not much. In my second year of blogging, my blog blossomed. If I would have given up in that first year, I would have never known what could be. That’s why I say over and over again that food blogging really has to be a passion and a commitment, and it’s something you have to nurture and more importantly have fun doing it.

When you start out with your food blog, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. In this article I’m going to list 10 simple things you can do to increase your blog traffic. This isn’t going to happen over night, but slowly you will start noticing an increase in your traffic and interest from others to come back and visit your blog.

  1. Post frequently. I know this sounds simple, but commitment is going to be one of your biggest challenge. The reason you need to post frequently is because search engines and visitors like fresh content. Having said all that, do not sacrifice quantity for quality. I’m not saying post every day, but every other day, or every three days, whatever works for you, but keep the fresh new content coming at a steady pace. The more content you have, the more traffic you will get from search engines because you have a higher chance for ranking for a variety of keywords.
  2. Submit your pictures/blog posts to websites relevant to your niche, in this case food porn sites, such as foodepix.com, foodgawker.com, etc. This is probably the easiest way to bring lots of visitors to your blog, however getting your pictures accepted to these sites is no small challenge.
  3. Submit your blog to search engines like GoogleYahoo and Bing. Or simply use AdMe.com to submit your site to over 25 search engines for free. This is something that will take you 30 seconds. You’re not going to see results right away, but it will happen. For the longest time I didn’t see much traffic from bing and yahoo, but now I’m starting to notice a lot more, so again be patient, it will happen.
  4. Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon. I have received lots of traffic from StumbleUpon. Do not underestimate the power of these sites.
  5. Install a social bookmarking plugin to make it easy for your readers to share your posts. This is probably the best thing you could do for your blog. You traffic could sky rocket if the right person shares your post and it goes viral. This is a must.
  6. Build a Facebook fan page for your blog. Another must. I did not see a lot of traffic from Facebook but as you get more and more followers you will start to notice an increase. Facebook will probably be in your top 10 of referrals. Take advantage of it.
  7. Submit your blog to the free directories like DMOZ. For the longest time I wondered why it’s important to list my blog with DMOZ. Well it’s very simple. The biggest search engines like google, yahoo, bing, take URL’s directly from DMOZ. For those who don’t know DMOZ is a Open Directory Project (ODP) which is a largest human edited directory. Web sites are listed in categories on this project. Each category is linked to relevant categories; the categories have a tree-like structure too. So do this, don’t put it off.
  8. Make your food blog more search engine friendly by using SEO plug-ins such as Platinum SEO Pack. To read more about SEO and what it is, go here.
  9. Leave quality comments on other food blogs, but make sure you don’t just spam and hope for the best. Commenting on other food blogs, creates backlinks to your blog, which is good for search engines.
  10. Target long tail keywords like how to fry a turkey, or how to wrap an egg roll. These keywords have lower competition and it’s easier to rank high in search engines, which will result in more target traffic to your blog.

These are just 10 simple ways to build your traffic, but there are hundreds more. However, start small and build from there. Every little bit helps, and give it time, it will happen.


  1. Great information! Thank you so much for the good work. I would like to know how to add my blog to Stumbleupon! I have been looking and cannot find a way to do it!

    • Hi Marie,
      You don’t really add your blog to stumbleupon, go to stumbleupon.com and click on sign in, there you will be able to create your account. Once you have an account you can stumble your own pages. I stumble my own pages from my blog posts and I use my own share icons. I hope this helps.

  2. Thank you so much for this info!

  3. What a great, easy to read run down of important blogging tips. I’ve been blogging for just over two years and am just now focusing on monetizing and there is so much more to it than I thought. Thanks again!

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  8. I didn’t actually know about some of these sites until I read this post. I have on question though.

    When you say “submit your blog” do you submit just your homepage or do you submit each post as well?

    Thanks again for the tips!

    • Hi Holly,
      When you submit your blog to search engines you just have to submit the homepage, for other social networking, and food sharing websites sites you’d submit each individual posts. Hope this helps!

  9. Never knew about long tail key words so I’ll give it a try … Tnanks!

  10. I will look into stumbledUpon, thanks for this! Been looking for ways to increase traffic.

  11. First time visiting and these are great tips.I do use stumbleupon and they are great, Another great social site is reddit.com. Besides the search engines, commenting on other blogs in your niche can bring a new audience.

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  13. I’m in my second year of blogging and after a lot of hard work and commitment I am seeing results. I have made a note of a few things in this great post to implement.
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  14. Excellent information here, especially for those of us who are new to the game. Before starting to blog, I knew there would be more work than just typing and posting, but I find I’m surprised how much I’m learning about how the internet itself works as an application.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  15. Thanks for this post. I am have blog but I have barley and page views and only 2 followers. Thanks for this I will definitely submit my blog to Bing, Yahoo and Google.

  16. This is the best blog on traffic driving to any blog, not just food blogs i’ve ever read. One for my reference archives! Thank you!

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  21. Interesting article and comments. For somebody like me that does not know much about marketing my blog online, this will help me allot.

  22. Chuck Kanitz says:


    Did you create a subscriber based network for you new content postings or do you use social media or the search engines to let your readers know of the new content? Can you speak to the “keeping content fresh” as some of the pages I visit I find the content has been removed based on a relevant searches. Do you pull content or do you keep it accessible? You have a gift, Jo. Thanks you for the easy explanations and helpful hints. You make me think I can do this!!!

    • Hi Chuck,
      I have a subscriber based network with my rss feed which basically sends emails out everytime I have fresh content and I try to have fresh content at least 3 times a week. I do try and promote, meaning pin, post facebook, etc. old content often, because I don’t want to waste that content since it’s still my hard work and a lot of old content still generates a lot of traffic. The only way I’d move old content back to the front is if I remake a recipe and do new pictures whereas the old pictures were really bad.

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  27. Thank you for all these great tips. I have had a Danish food blog for 2 years and in my limited experience there will always be ups and downs. I read somewhere that “stamina” was the hardest thing when building a blog, since it takes so much time for the internet to really pay attention – apparently most blogger give up before 18 months time and this is where most blogs actually begin to really see a lot of traffic. I just started a new blog http://www.karlasnordickitchen.com and there is only very little traffic now, since it’s all new, but I’m sure that after the 18 months, I will be very happy that I did it. Thank you for some great extra advice that I will use right away.

    • You’re welcome Julie. You are correct, stamina is the hardest thing. Now that I’ve been doing this for over 3 years I often wonder how I lasted this long, but in the end it’s all worth it. 🙂

  28. HI, Thanks for this list of ways to build traffic. I’m just starting my blog right now (it’s not even gone public yet) but knowing some ways to get it going should help me out in the next months. Thanks!

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    like you are my inspiration iam thinking of using genesis framework but afraid of coding and all coz im not a techie so any advice on this waiting for your reply

    • That’s the great thing about using the genesis framework is that you don’t require a lot of technical knowledge, and if you purchase the framework you get great support and access to their forum which always has a lot of useful information. Good luck!

  37. Great Tips, Jo.. I never thot about DMOZ before this post… I am gonna do it asap.. Thanks for sharing the basics, I wonder how many successful bloggers would be willing to share the secrets

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    I used to think I have done everything to drive traffic and most of the articles just bring in same ways
    Yours is the first one where I found there are still things left to do like DMOZ, StumbleUpon etc.
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