I’m ready to start my blog, now what?

In order to start your own blog, you will need hosting and software to help you create your blog. There are many ways you can start your own food blog. If you cannot afford to spend any money on your blog, the best way to start it, is by using a free blog publishing service such as www.blogger.com. They provide you with the hosting and the software you need and all you basically need to do is start cooking and entering your content in. However there are some drawbacks to using blogger:

  • Blogger is not for the professional bloggers
  • You’re not promoting your blog, you’re promoting blogger
  • You’re very limited to customizing your blog
  • Your blog has no monetary value, you will not be able to sell your blog, since your domain is a subdomain of blogger, example jo-cooks.blogspot.com. I know this because I started with blogger and quickly after switched to my own domain.

In the following posts I’m going to cover in detail what you need to do, to start a professional food blog.

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