Before Starting Your Food Blog

Before you invest in hosting or hire someone to create your blog, there are some things you should consider.

There are probably about 15,000 food blogs out there, if not more.  It is fairly easy to get started with a food blog, but a lot of people start it and abandon it. You should get a rough idea about what you would like to blog about, what type of dishes, what’s unique about your dishes, have your own niche if possible. You could write a blog on healthy eating, or desserts, or even just soups. It’s basically blogging about what you know the best.

However, it’s not necessary to have a niche. Don’t feel that you have to invent dishes in order to have your own food blog. Most popular food blogs out there are by regular people who have no culinary experience, like me.

All you need is a passion for your cooking. If the passion is there, your dedication and commitment will follow.

When I started my blog, all I basically wanted to do is to have a place where I store my recipes, mostly recipes that I have from my mother and my mother in law. These recipes are Romanian dishes that I cherish and don’t want to lose. This evolved into something more. I do not have a culinary background and I never really considered myself a great cook. But I always loved to bake and cook, and I’m not afraid to try a recipe. Usually if I follow a recipe correctly, I end up with a pretty good dish. Having done this over the years, I’ve improved my cooking quite a bit. I especially love to bake so on my blog you’ll probably find a lot more baking recipes.

My point is that it’s OK to start small, and then grow your blog as you see fit.

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