Adding Google Analytics to Your Blog

Crusty Bread Here I talked about the importance of using a tool such as Google Analytics. If you don’t have an analytics tool, how would you ever know how your blog is performing. So if you don’t care about your blog’s performance that’s fine, some people just do it as a hobby and they do it for themselves. But if you do want to see if people are coming to your blog, what your most popular posts are, based on visits, or how many visitors you get in any given day, then you need Google Analytics.

Here are some things google will help you with

  • Shows you which posts are the most popular on your blog
  • Shows you how many visitors and pageviews you have in any given time frame
  • Shows you which keywords from Google result in people coming to your blog
  • Shows you what operating systems and browsers your visitors are using, this is good because you want to make sure your blog works properly in all browsers
  • Shows you what cities and countries your visitors are coming from
  • Shows where your visitors are coming from, which sites such as social media sites or other blogs, or which search engines

There are many more advantages to using Google Analytics beside the ones I listed above and you will discover them yourself as you start using using it. Signing up for google analytics is very easy and more importantly it’s free.

Step 1

Go to Google Analytics and click on the Create an account link.

Step 2

You will be taken to the login page, if you don’t already have an account click on Sign Up.

Once your account is created, go back to the analytics page, login, and click on sign up.  After clicking on the Sign up button you’ll have to fill out the below form:

When you’re done click on the Get Tracking ID button. You’ll be presented with your tracking ID code.

Step 3

This is the important step. Copy your tracking ID code. For now, I’m going to assume you’re using a Genesis theme.

  • In wordpress go to Genesis -> Theme Settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom until you get to the Header and Footer scripts
  • Paste your tracking code there
  • Click Save Settings

If you do not have a Genesis theme I recommend using a plugin Simple Google Analytics.

Step 4

The last step is verifying that your google analytics is working correctly. It may take a while for this to happen but a way to simply verify is to go back to your analytics account, click on Home in the main navigation and then on the left side bar go to Real Time -> Overview. This is my favorite thing about google analytics. At any one time you can see how many people are on your blog at that moment.

If there are no visitors on your blog, you can go ahead and visit your blog, so when you go back to analytics it should show at least one.




  1. Thank you so much for this info!!! Really helped. I used the plug in and was good to go!

  2. Hi Jo, great info! I’ve a question. If we are using free hosted blog, then where to paste this tracking code?

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