Using Pinterest to Build Blog Traffic and Trust

Every food blogger wants to increase the traffic to their site. And one of the strategies we are constantly told to employ is to find and promoting that elusive, “Viral Pin”. You know the one. It’s the Pin that’s going to go global and send your blog traffic through the roof.

Unfortunately, the pursuit of that viral traffic often leaves many bloggers feeling either despair or exhaustion. Viral is good, but it is also very hard to come by.

Fear not! Recent statistics from Pinterest show that while viral pins may add some fuel to your business brand recognition, there are more powerful and subtle strategies that build a far more valuable kind of traffic. The Strategies I have in mind are those that build trust. [Continue reading]

10 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Traffic


People email me and ask me all the time about my secrets to using Pinterest so I’ve finally put together my top 10 tips for using Pinterest based on what has worked for me over the past few years. Trust me when I say there is no magic formula, or quick way to getting thousands of followers. If there were to be a formula it would be something like: [Continue reading]

How to Start a Food Blog – a three-easy-step guide

How to Start a Food Blog - a three-easy-step guide to help you start your food blog. Learn how to register your domain, signup with Bluehost and install wordpress. All in three easy steps! If you're reading this, you've probably decided that … [Continue reading]

Should You Watermark Your Pictures

This is a topic I've been contemplating a lot and have been going back and forth before I finally made a decision I'm sticking with. I started out not wanting to spend the time to watermark all photographs, but then I realized that as my blog was … [Continue reading]

Adding Google Authorship To Your Food Blog And Why Google Authorship Is Important

Google Authorship

Why is Google Authorship Important? Recently you may have noticed when doing searches in google that sometimes you see the author's picture next to the search result so hopefully you've already caught on to the importance of Google Authorship. … [Continue reading]

A Look Back at 2012 and Lessons Learned for

Happy 2013 everyone! I thought it'd be appropriate to write this article about the lessons learned during 2012 for and some statistics. 2012 was indeed a good year for It was its 2nd year and the blog blossomed and brought … [Continue reading]

What is Composition?

Composition is the bane of my existence when it comes to photography. It's the one thing I struggle over and over when taking pictures. I've mentioned this before over and over that I'm not an artistic person at all, and I struggle with composition … [Continue reading]

ZipList Recipe Plugin

If you're a food blogger you will probably want to use a recipe plugin. There are a few good recipe plugins around, such as EasyRecipe or ZipList Recipe. They are both great, I have used them both but I ended up choosing ZipList only because the … [Continue reading]

10 Simple Ways To Build Traffic To Your Blog

Once you have a blog and you have a few posts on it, you're going to want to bring lots of traffic to it. This is probably the biggest challenge any blogger will have. You could have the best looking blog out there, with the most gorgeous food … [Continue reading]

Food Bloggers Love Affair with Food Porn Sites

Is it love or is it hate? I think it's a little bit of both. We love them when our pictures get accepted and we hate them when our pictures get rejected. They can be your best friend or they can be your enemy. Or at least it feels that … [Continue reading]